SERPINx develops modified alpha1-AT mutants against bradykinin-mediated diseases

SERPINx  BV is a Dutch protein therapeutics company involved in developing novel  serine protease inhibitor (serpin) therapeutics for inflammatory-associated diseases, in particular angioedema. It is our goal to transform excellent and promising research output into novel high-value therapeutics that serve angioedema patients.

Angioedema is a major pathology, affecting millions of people worldwide having a disproportional impact on health care costs. SERPINx’ mission is to develop its α1AT mutants into novel first-in-class therapeutics for bradykinin-driven diseases. Find out more about SERPINx on our about-page and call or email us via our contact page.

Quotes about Angioedema

Scientists report that as many as 20 percent of HAE cases result from patients who had a spontaneous mutation of the C1-Inhibitor gene at conception. These patients can pass the defective gene to their offspring.

US HAE Association

Patients with hereditary angioedema (HAE) are accruing specialty drug treatment costs of more than $300,000 annually on average.

Patrick GleasonPharmD Prime TherapeuticsStudy

Any soft tissue can swell, anywhere in the body. I never know how bad it will get. In order for the attacks to stop, treatments at the ER are needed. Many HAE patients suffer in silence.

Laura MilfordAngioedema patient

Many patients report that their frequent and severe abdominal pain was inappropriately diagnosed as psychosomatic, resulting in referral for psychiatric evaluation.

US HAE Association

The correct diagnosis and especially the correct treatment of hereditary angioedema is not always easy and requires a specialized approach.

Vinciane BerckmansChairwoman of Angioedema Belgium