About Us

Corporate Strategy

SERPINx is currently expanding its universal platform technology around modifying serpins as well as developing its lead compound SPx-001 as a gene therapy for Heriditary Angioedema, Colitis and Thrombosis (preclinical proof-of-concept stage). Additional therapeutic candidates are currently being identified and further developed.

SERPINx has filed a broad patent application for “Modified serpins for the treatment of bradykinin-mediated disease (WO 2019/154044 A1).

SERPINx is currenty seeking further seed & series A funding to boost the development of Spx-001 as well as further development of our universal platform technology. SERPINx is actively seeking strategic collaborations with biotech/pharmaceutical companies in order to enter into license deals for specific therapeutic candidates. Clinical development costs for these programs will most likely be covered by substantial milestone payments from collaborating pharmaceutical companies, whereas additional financial VC funding is required to facilitate its position in strategic collaborative research & development projects with our clients.

Management & Scientific Advisors

Roger Legtenberg, PhD


Roger Legtenberg is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SERPINx. He has a strong history of 18 years in Life Sciences. Roger has a background in Biomedical Chemistry and obtained his PhD in Medicine (Diabetes/Cardiovascular) in 2001 (Radboud University Nijmegen).

Until 2009 he held Project Manager, Clinical Research Manager and Director Business Development positions. From 2010 until end of 2018, he was co-owner and CEO of PSR Orphan Experts, a specialized clinical CRO focused on rare diseases (in a wide range of therapeutic indications). He succesfully led the organizational transformation finding it’s true purpose and utilizing Lean & How (Golden Circle) principles. Under his leadership significant growth in staff, finances and most importantly impact for the rare disease community was achieved. In 2017 PSR was acquired by Ergomed plc.

Roger is recipient of the 2018 CEO Today Europe & 2018 International Life Sciences GHP Drug Development CEO awards. He also previously served as board member of ACRON and BioFarmind (now HollandBio).

Roger founded Up Strong early 2019 to passionately contribute to companies and all other stakeholders in the industry with their (upcoming) challenges on business development, strategy and (interim-) management with a clear focus on what really matters: the patient’s need.

Steven de Maat, PhD


  • PhD in contact system activation and haematology


    Molecular Biologist, Post-doc dept. ClinChemand Haematology, UMC Utrecht
  • 22 peer-reviewed articles (Citations 466; H-index = 12)
  • Experience in the modification and production of hematology-related proteins and antibodies in various expression systems.

Willem Raaben, MSc


Willem Raaben is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SERPINx. He has, as operating director preclinical at AM-Pharma BV, extensive experience in bringing protein based therapeutics into the clinic.

This is exemplified by his work on recombinant Alkaline Phosphatase currently in clinical Phase 2 for patients with Acute Kidney Injury. Willem has a background in Biochemistry at Radbout University Nijmegen and held positions at Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

Coen Maas, PhD


  • Assistant prof. Clin Chem and Haematology, UMC Utrecht
  • Post-doc KarolinskaUniversity Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Focus on physiological functions of plasma contact system
  • 49 peer-reviewed publications (2190 citations; H-index = 24)
  • Reviews 30 journals and 6 funding agencies
  • Editorial board member of Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasisand Frontiers in Medicine: Hematology. Co-chair Scientific Standardization Subcommittee “Factor XI and the Contact System” of International Society on Thrombosis Haemostasis.

Martin Hessing, PhD

Strategic Advisor


  • Roger Legtenberg – CEO
  • Oscar Schoots –  UU & UMC Holdings
  • Martin Hessing – Bionomics B.V. 
  • Coen Maas – CSO
  • Steven de Maat – CTO